In Vino Veritas #1: Cava Edition (In Wine There Is Truth!)
The Wine Pair PodcastJune 11, 2023x
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In Vino Veritas #1: Cava Edition (In Wine There Is Truth!)

There is a famous Latin proverb “In vino veritas” which means “in wine there is truth.” In this new recurring episode series, we do something really different: We throw away the script, let Carmela do a lot more of the talking, and we find out just how much truth there is in wine. Listen in as we drink some wine, and while the wine does its work, we let the truth just pour out! Today we drink a Cava while on vacation in New York City and talk about our first experiences with sparkling wine, if you should drink on your wedding day before the ceremony, how we obtained alcohol before we were of age, the strange nature of liquor stores, and other stupid stuff we did as kids when alcohol was involved. We also talk about why there are socks on our microphones and the AirBnB we rented from Hope Tarr who is an award winning Romance Novelist and has written books with Jenna Jameson. That’s a lot. Wine reviewed in this episode: Viña Palaciega Cava Brut.

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