Minisode #6: The Myth About Legs on Wine
The Wine Pair PodcastApril 16, 202300:10:257.18 MB

Minisode #6: The Myth About Legs on Wine

If you have ever wondered what legs in your wine glass mean, we are here to tell you. Guess what - it’s probably not what you think (unless you are some sort of scientist, of course). If you have been out to dinner or to a wine party and watched people wax poetic about the legs, or tears, in their wine glass and wondered “that the hell are they talking about?” - we are going to solve the mystery. And, we are going to help you explain to them what the legs in their glass actually mean. Long thought of as an indication of wine quality, legs are poorly understood. Listen in for a quick and fun explanation in our latest minisode!

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