Minisode #7: A Quick Primer on Red Blends
The Wine Pair PodcastApril 23, 202300:13:279.28 MB

Minisode #7: A Quick Primer on Red Blends

Ever walked into a wine shop or the wine section of a grocery store and been totally overwhelmed and confused by the vast sea of wines that are simply labeled red blend? Us too! So to remove this confusion, in this minisode we do a quick overview - a primer if you will - on the two major types of red blends that most (but not all) red wine blends are based - Bordeaux and GSM. Both come from France, and both are known by other names that you may also be familiar with, like Meritage and Claret. This quick, fun minisode will help you feel more comfortable and confident the next time you are looking to buy or order a wine (and you can show off your knowledge to your friends who will be so impressed!).

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