Minisode #8: What Is Orange Wine Exactly?!?
The Wine Pair PodcastAugust 20, 202300:11:187.84 MB

Minisode #8: What Is Orange Wine Exactly?!?

Been wondering just what the heck Orange Wine is? Well, drop on in and we’ll tell you what’s what! You can kind of think of Orange Wine as a cousin to Rosé wine, but there are some key differences - differences in the grapes, the production, and the tastes of the wines. If you have been hesitant to try Orange Wine, we’re here to tell you you shouldn’t be. And, yes, it may seem hip, cool, and in vogue, but the reality is that this is a style of wine that has been around for millennia. So, before you taste it, stop on by, and we’ll give you a quick primer on just what the heck it is in this quick and fun episode. 

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